Blue Light Defense

Simply put, blue light energy, emitted from the sun and digital devices, is all around us… and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it is something to be aware of. High energy visible blue light can potentially promote stressors in the skin that can cause photo-aging, which is aging from exposure to light. That’s why we created Out of The Blue… a unique makeup and skincare collection of innovative beauty products formulated with new breakthrough technology that help shield and protect skin against the visible signs of aging induced by high energy visible blue light.

Always passionate about the ingredients we use in our products, we’re excited to introduce this groundbreaking line. Whether it’s work or play, we know that PÜR Beauties don’t want to compromise their lifestyle to take care of their skin—and they shouldn’t have to! From makeup to skincare, we have your every beauty need covered, so you can live your life knowing that you are taking an extra step to help nourish and protect the look of your complexion… it’s Out of the Blue protection you can feel good about.

Blue Light Defense FAQ's

Q: What is blue light?